Corona virus or COVID-19 has made a huge impact all over the world. The virus has affected many people all over the world, and new cases are still counting. With doctors and scientists working on the way to cure COVID-19, it is also your responsibility to help yourself from preventing the spread of the virus. As of now, many countries are in phase-3 of Corona Virus, and the situation is worse, and we should be thankful that India is still in phase-2. 

Origin Of COVID-19

COVID-19 originated from the city of China, known as Wuhan. Wuhan has a wet market which not only sells fish, and chicken, but also the pork of bats, monkeys, and other wild animals. The virus attacked the city in December in the year 2019 and has now spread all across the world.

Corona Virus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19

Symptoms Of Corona Virus

Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the common cold. In some cases, symptoms can be mild, while in some cases, symptoms can be too severe. These are the symptoms of coronavirus-

  • Cough and cold. 
  • Mild fever
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in breathing

These are the symptoms of COVID-19. The symptoms can appear in an infected person within 14 days.

Measures To Prevent Corona Virus

The whole world is fighting against the Corona Virus, and preventing yourself from catching the virus follow the measures given below-

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer when you are out.
Corona Virus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19
Corona Virus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19
  • As per WHO, check out that the hand sanitizers you are using have at least 60% of alcohol in it; only then will it be effective against the corona virus. Also, make sure that you don’t buy any local hand sanitizer as there’s no surety about its content.
  • Always cover your face when out and minimize your visit to crowded areas.
  • Don’t touch your face again and again.
  • Clean your workspace and your home.
  • Stay at home and prevent meetings with friends.
  • When talking to a person maintain a distance of 1 metre.
  • Don’t touch anyone.

These are some measures that can help you prevent COVID-19. Apart from this, your immunity also plays a significant role in fighting the Corona Virus.

How To Build Up Your Immunity

According to health experts, our immunity can help us fight against the Corona virus. As per WHO, the fatality rate of the Corona virus is 3.4%, but that too seems to be a large number when seen on a large scale. As of now, death due to Corona virus is seen in people who smoke a lot, and older people. Now the question is, what can you do to build up your immunity to fight COVID-19? To build-up, your immunity take up the following measure-

  • Eating almonds and pistachios helps increase your immunity.
  • Add turmeric to your diet. We have always been told by our parents to drink milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric, as it helps relieve cold. If you add turmeric to your diet, it will help you boost your immunity.
  • Add citrus fruits to your diet. Citrus fruits such as orange and lime are rich in Vitamin C and can increase your immunity.
  • Probiotics is also what our body needed. It can be provided to our body by eating yoghurt.
  • Also, add garlic and ginger to your diet.
  • Drink enough water. 
Corona Virus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19
Corona Virus: All You Need To Know About COVID-19

What Else Can You Do To Prevent COVID-19?

  • Gargle with saltwater. 
  • Don’t stress too much. 
  • Meditate every day.
  • Do exercise.
  • Stay isolated. Try to remain at home as much as possible.
  • And don’t fear too much about Corona Virus

Some Myths Related To Corona Virus

WHO have busted some myths related to Corona Virus, that is creating an environment of fear amongst people.

  • Masks can completely prevent Corona to enter your mouth or nose. It is not true. As of now, there’s only N95 masks that can prevent COVID-19 to enter your mouth and nose.
  • Corona virus cannot spread in warm areas. As per the reports, COVID-19 can spread in all areas.
  • Taking a hot bath can prevent COVID-19.

Janta Curfew As Per PM Modi To Prevent Corona Virus

PM Modi, in order to fight with Corona Virus, requested all the citizens of India to stay inside their homes this Sunday that is on March 22. He stated that ‘World has never seen a danger as grave as this.’

PM appealed everyone to stay inside their home on March 22 and follow Janta Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm, except for those serving in essential services. He requested everyone to support work from home and limit their going out. PM Modi mentions that the situation can be managed by being isolated. 

At last, he requests everyone to stand at their doors and windows on March 22, Sunday at 5 pm, and thank all the people who have been serving the situation without even caring for themselves for 5 minutes.

Final Words

It is a humble request to all to stay calm in such a situation and help spread this message as much as possible. I request you all to follow Janta Curfew on March 22. Also, don’t forget to follow all the health measures mentioned above. And if you see any of the symptoms mentioned, please have a check-up at your nearby hospital. Stay isolated, stay safe, and help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.