It’s the end of the year and also the end of the decade. The year passed, and we are about to enter the New Year after a few days. For many of us, it will be a new beginning, and people will take the resolution to do something or to change their habits. For us, the end of the year is like dusk to the previous versions of ourselves. It means with a new year it will be a new you, a healthy and motivated person. But in the end, have you ever thought of looking back? No, you didn’t. In fact, most of us don’t do this.

Today when I was sitting alone, I was wondering about all the things that happened this year. There have been ups and downs, and somehow I have come towards the end of the year. It is well said time flies, we just passed one year, and it felt like a blink.

New Year’s Resolution And Motivation

When we were small, our parents used to buy us stationary such as bag, bottle lunch box, geometry box, books, and notebooks as the new session start and because of the excitement to use a new pencil and notebook. We used to write carefully so that the first page of the notebook looks beautiful and has a great impression on the teacher. Similarly, the first day of the year is like the first page of the notebook and the resolutions that we take are the pencils. The new year means the new beginning, so why don’t we start the first day of the year with enthusiasm and positive energy?

A Year Back And The End OF The Year

The year was like a roller coaster ride. If I look back, I was a different person on the very first day of the year 2019, and now a lot has changed. A lot has changed this year, Tony Stark died this year, Infinity Saga ended, Game of Thrones ended, well jokes apart, but there have been massive changes that have impacted our lives, from an increase in 50% of the data plans to the laws imposed by the government. Many events took place this year and in our personal lives too.

Final Context

Phases of life change. Even if it is your bad time, then you should know that something good will happen soon, so never be upset about it. Always give your best, whether it’s your first job, college, or anything else. Let’s say Goodbye to the year 2019 and welcome the New Year 2020 and a new you. My new year resolution for the year 2020 is to be consistent and to deliver the content you would love to read. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest update. Share the things that happened with you in 2019, and we would love to hear them. Also, share your new year resolution with us.