One of the most common mistakes that teenagers do is not following a proper hair care routine. Especially the boys, they think that hair care is a girly thing, but it is not too. Just like adequate skincare, hair care is also essential for both boys and girls. If you are confused about where to start with for taking care of your hair, then I am here to tell you all the tips related to proper hair care. I will list all the hair care tips one by one so that you can follow them.

Shampoo Your Hair: Hair Care Tips

Shampoo removes excess oil from your hair. If we talk about the types of shampoo, there are various types of shampoo available in the market. Some of the most common types are- for strong hair, mild shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, shampoo for silky hairs, etc. What I generally prefer using is a mild shampoo and an anti-dandruff shampoo. You can select your shampoo according to your hair, but a mild shampoo suits all the conditions.

Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair
Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair

Also, you should be aware that shampooing your hair too often can damage them over the long term, so don’t shampoo your hair every day. You should shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week. Shampoo your hair two times with mild shampoo and once with anti-dandruff shampoo. Now you might be thinking that why I am asking you do to so? It is because anti-dandruff shampoo is a bit harsh on your hair compared to the mild shampoo. So you should use it only once a week. Note that, before you go out for buying shampoo, check for the content, and make sure there is no sulphate in there. If possible, try to use natural and ayurvedic shampoo.

Rinsing Your Hair: Hair Care Tips

Rinse your hair every day. Rinsing your hair is one of the most crucial parts of your hair care routine. When you wash your hair with water, you will wash off all the dirt that has stucked in your hair. Throughout your day, you travel to various places, and this is the reason why your hair has some dirt particles at the end of the day. So you should always wash your hair with water at the end of the day.

Oiling: Hair Care Tips

Oil strengthens your hair while giving them a smooth texture. Oiling is necessary for your hair as oil gives nutrients to your hair. The key factor about oiling your hair is trying different oils. This way, your hair will have a change in nutrients it gains from a particular oil. What I suggest is using coconut or argan oil. It is up to you which oil you choose, but only prefer using natural oils. The best way to apply oil to have full benefit is by oiling your hair before you wash your hair. For instance, if you have to shampoo your hair the next day, then apply oil the night before. Leave the oil overnight and wash the following day; this way, you will have more significant benefits. 

Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair
Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning makes your hair silky and frizz-free. Also, it makes the roots of your hair healthy. When applying conditioner to your hair, apply to the tips of your hair as well. By doing this, you will not have any split ends. Condition your hair after shampooing. If you are looking forward to having smooth and silky hairs, then you can use conditioner daily without using shampoo. 

Don’t Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow drying damages your hair over the long term. Avoid blow-drying your hair as much as possible. Blow drying is the root cause of split ends and rough hairs. Prefer pat drying your hair, and be gentle. When your strands are wet, they tend to be weaker and can break easily. So when you are pat drying your hairs, make sure to be gentle on your hair.

Avoid Colouring And Using Hair Products

Hair products such as wax, gels, pomades, clay can damage your hair. These products dry out your hair, sucking away all the moisture from them. For a short period, you will feel that these products are making your hair look good, but after using them for a while, you will notice the damage they did to your hair. So, avoid using hair products and colors. If it is some special event, then you can use them, but avoid using it too often. Instead, you can try using hair serum. Hair serum smoothens your hair while strengthening them. Hair serum can be used daily. Just apply to your hair when they are damp dry, make sure to apply to your tips. 

Get A Hair Cut       

Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair
Hair Care Tips To Have Strong And Smooth Hair

A fresh hair cut will give you a fresh look as well as it will boost up your confidence. Also, if you want to grow your hairs, then also hair cut is necessary. A tip for growing hair is getting a little bit of trim to cut off all the split ends if your hair has any. Split ends disturb the growth of your hair, and it is necessary to cut them if your hair has any. So get a hair cut, and if you are growing your hair, then tell your barber about it, and he will cut your hair as you desire.

Final Words

These were some of the hair care tips one should follow to have healthy, strong, and silky hairs. Thank you for reading the article. Stay connected and share this post with everyone.