Hey guys, it is a comeback post. First of all, I would like to thank all of you who were with us since the beginning. Fitnessera was there two years back, yes it was the time we first launched, and we are re-launching the blog. I decided to post this motivation article as a comeback post. I want to ask you guys a simple question, have you ever been demotivated? Well, if I talk about myself I have been demotivated many times, even I was demotivated last Saturday. This might feel a bit awkward that why I am sharing this with you. But I want to talk heart to heart with you guys. It is not a rewritten post, copied from other blogs, but it’s a real incident.  That’s the reason I wanted to share this motivation post with you.

Motivation-Everyday Is A New Beginning
Motivation-Everyday Is A New Beginning

When I Was Demotivated

It was last Saturday when I was feeling off, and I didn’t feel like doing any work. I had a feeling in me that I won’t be able to do anything; I am useless. Although this feeling strikes my mind too often, this was something strange. I was feeling like leaving all the work I am doing and say no to all the people, but I didn’t instead I asked for some time. I guess it was the work that was pressurizing me. Apart from that, I do have to look for my studies too because this is what society care for. The pressure of studying is also one of the significant causes of why students feel demotivated.

Motivation-Everyday Is A New Beginning
Motivation-Everyday Is A New Beginning

In today’s world, a person doesn’t study for gaining knowledge; instead, he /she studies for gaining marks as this is what the society cares about. You will meet very few people in your life who care about what you know, than caring about how much marks you gained in your school or college. Well, guys being a student marks don’t always matter, if you want to pursue your dreams you can do it even though you don’t have good scores. Ah, you might think that another movie dialogue; but, believe me, I am a student myself and have gained too much from the books apart. I am not telling you not to study, but I am telling you to study for your knowledge. Doing this way, your studies will never pressurize you. 

Final Motivation Thought

Look guys never try to betray yourself; it’s the very first thing you should know. If you are studying, think that you are studying for yourself not for marks or not for what people will think if you don’t pass with good marks. Whenever you feel like you can never do anything, then let me tell you it’s 2019, and you can get paid for what you like. If you like writing content you can look up to blogging; if you are good at playing online games, then you can go for tournaments as gaming is now an official career; or if you want to share your knowledge through videos, you have Youtube.

Social media has taken the world to the great heights that to every talent there is some opportunity the only thing you need is to be true to your work and skill. Back were the days when you only have engineering, doctor, CA or MBA as a career option, but everything has changed now. You can follow your passion.


In the article, I am not saying that you don’t study even, all I want to say is, study in a way that it doesn’t pressurize you. Never study for marks or society as this will only burden you up with the thought of completing the syllabus and which isn’t possible at all if you are not following what it takes. We will keep up posting such motivation posts every week to keep you up whenever you feel demotivated. Stay connected for the latest updates.

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